Any new mum or dad can attest to what a life-changing experience having a baby and then bringing them home is.

The first couple of weeks are incredibly rewarding as you get to know your little one.  This time can also be extremely challenging, exhausting and overwhelming as you try to establish some routines around feeding, sleeping and awake time.

Colbrow Care knows just how challenging this time can be and what an achievement getting showered and dressed really is for a new mum!

Our midwives and carers visit you at home and after the initial consultation, can stay for as little two hours or up to 24-hours, if that is what you need.

We recognise that often the most difficult time for new mums is overnight when you are tired and everyone else in the house is asleep. Our midwives can stay overnight to provide backup and support and even respite for you to get some sleep.

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support for new mothers

Our compassionate and experienced midwives and carers can provide:

  • Advice on caring for a newborn
  • Advice on self-care
  • Assistance with breastfeeding and attachment issues
  • Advice and support on bottle feeding
  • Help with sleep and settling techniques
  • Understanding your baby's cues and communication
  • Advice and management of common problems
  • Overnight support and respite
  • General support and guidance
  • Help around the home
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