Veterans Home Care

Colbrow Care can deliver services under the Veterans Home Care Programme in partnership with Regal Health. We proudly offer comprehensive in-home care services across the Community Nursing, Overnight Care, and Veterans Home Care programmes. Please get in touch with Colbrow Care to learn how we can assist you.

Veterans Home Care Programme

The Veterans Home Care Programme is perfect for veterans needing short-term or ongoing assistance for up to 1.5 hours per week. For those requiring additional personal care or clinical services, we recommend our Community Nursing programme.

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Services Offered Under the Veterans Home Care Programme

Personal Care

Our personal care services can help with:

Domestic Assistance

Our domestic assistance services may include help with:

Home & Garden Maintenance

Our home and garden maintenance services cover minor maintenance or repair work to minimise environmental and/or health and safety hazards. These activities include:

In Home Respite

In-home respite allows carers to take a break while care workers take over their duties. This service can be for regular visits or once-off situations, from one hour to an overnight stay. In-home respite supports carers with other commitments or those re-entering the workforce. For example, it helps carers to:

In-home respite can be provided while the carer is at home or away, but it must enable the carer to be relieved of their caregiving tasks.

Colbrow Care is here to support you with the in-home respite care you need. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Our experienced and compassionate care assessment and planning team will:

  • Ask you about your needs
  • Collaboratively identify achievable goals
  • Match you with the right services and carers
  • Continually review your service provision to ensure you are getting everything you need
  • Make changes to service provision as and when needed
  • Ensure your dignity and independence are respected at all times
  • Always ensure your needs remain our focus
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