Our experienced healthcare team can support your recovery through community group services. These services are individually tailored and supported group activities to suit your needs.

We will identify appropriate community group programs that will help you reach your treatment goals. Your treating health professionals will have indicated that you need to experience shared support in order for you to maximise opportunities for independence in community-based leisure or recreational activities.

These programs will be flexible and responsive to your changing support needs, based on your goals and of interest to you.

Not everyone is interested in the same thing therefore the programs offered to you cover a broad range of learning opportunities and activities which facilitate skill acquisition, recreation, and leisure.

Through participation in community group programs, you will be creating social and peer support networks that are invaluable whilst recovering, as well as building capacity to transition to meaningful mainstream community-based leisure and recreational activities when the time is right.

Above all, we want to provide services that will progress your recovery and improve your quality of life.

Community group services
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