We know the importance of feeling socially connected and supported by a network of friends and family. For many ageing Australians living in their own home, the days can be long and lonely if they don’t have a social and family connection. 

Colbrow can provide companionship and emotional support to you if you are feeling isolated, depressed, or lonely. 

Our companionship and emotional support care team are passionate about providing you with the same level of companionship a family member or close friend would. Our team is friendly and caring, and will go the extra mile to ensure you stay active and connected to your community.

Companionship and emotional support

Need help and don't know where to start?

Our compassionate and friendly companionship and emotional support team can:

  • Attend appointments with you
  • Cook a meal together or do some baking
  • Take you on a scenic drive
  • Attend a social event with you
  • Accompany you to the theatre or cinema
  • Respectively suggest and help you access other relevant services that will meet your needs
  • Help you access your community
  • Accompany you on visits to family, friends and community events
  • Provide companionship on holidays, including overseas
  • Spend time enjoying your favourite activities such as bingo or cards
  • Accompany you on walks or other forms of exercise
  • Listen to your concerns and worries and provide you support and encouragement

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