Our experienced team can assist you with community access planning services, to further aid your recovery from a transport accident. Community access planning is a service we provide to facilitate access to your community so that you can maintain and enhance peer support networks.

Recovering from an injury can be lonely and isolating. Getting out and about in your community can help you feel connected to something bigger, while peer support networks can help motivate you to get back on your feet again. Our planning services will aim to facilitate you independently accessing your community.

If your injuries have resulted in you not being able to participate in your usual community-based leisure or recreational activities, we will help facilitate participation through our planning services. In consultation with you, after having identified the community-based leisure and recreational activities you would like to return to, we will assess and review the support needed to enable you to accomplish this goal.

Once we have identified how much support you will need to return to your desired activities, our next step will involve linking you into those mainstream or supported community-based leisure or recreational activities. As an approved provider of the TAC, we have a responsibility to monitor your participation in community activities so that we can ensure these programs continue to appropriately address your needs.

If it becomes evident that your community-based activities are not helping you achieve your goals of recovery, we will look into alternative activities for you to participate in.

Community access planning
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