Private Home Care and Nursing – The benefits of receiving care at home

The ability to cook, clean, dress and bathe ourselves is something that many of us take for granted. However as people age, everyday tasks become more and more difficult.  Despite their good intentions, many families struggle to provide the level of care their loved one needs while meeting the demands placed on them in their own lives. In such circumstances, private homecare from an in home carer or nurse can provide the level of professional care your loved one needs while allowing you to meet your other commitments.
To help you decide if private homecare is the right option for you, we have detailed some of the benefits you and your loved one can receive from getting in-home care and nursing.

Quality of life

Being able to stay at home allows your loved one to pursue what’s important to them and retain a sense of independence.  They can stay connected to their local community and can engage in activities they enjoy and see the people that mean the most to them.   While living at home your loved one is not subjected to other people’s timetables or agendas which could be the case in a nursing home.

Friends and family can come and go as they please and things that may seem insignificant like choosing what to watch on TV or when to have a cup of tea are reminders that they are still in charge of their own life.
Assistance with showering or getting dressed can be all that is needed for your loved one to be able to stay in their own home and have a life that is meaningful and fulfilling, such a simple thing that is easily achieved using private home nursing.

Quality of care

With private nursing and care from home, your loved one gets one-on-one specialised and individual care that is not always available in a nursing home.  Personal care workers and nurses have complementary roles and can act quickly to identify and treat a problem before it escalates into a major health issue.

For instance, a caregiver may notice a sore that needs further treatment and can arrange for a nurse to attend your loved one’s home to dress or treat the wound.  In such circumstances, a nurse can quickly identify if a visit to a doctor or hospital for further treatment is needed and have that arranged.

By using a Service Provider that offers the full range of health care services, your loved one can get easy access to a wide range of medical and healthcare services, including physiotherapy or occupational therapy.

Private Nursing and Homecare can be safer

When someone is in a hospital or nursing home, the risk of getting an infection or contracting a disease can be far greater than if they were at home.  In hospital or at a nursing home, your loved one may be exposed to dangerous bacteria and be in contact with people that are ill thereby exposing them to potential fatal diseases.

Your in-home carer can ensure that your loved one’s clothes and sheets are always freshly laundered and that food is kept and prepared according to the highest standards of hygiene, ensuring your loved one gets the personalised care that is not always available elsewhere.

Private Homecare removes the burden on family and friends

When somebody in the family needs care it can put a strain on relationships.  Many family members find it difficult to cope with the demands of work and personal relationships while at the same time providing the proper care that their loved one needs.  This can lead to feelings of guilt in that you may feel the person you love is not being cared for adequately or that you are not devoting enough time to work or personal relationships.

Something as small as an in home carer visiting your loved one for a chat and a cup of coffee at home can provide them with valuable companionship and at the same time alleviate the burden on your family of feeling that they always have to be there.

Private Homecare is cost effective

You may think that private homecare or nursing is more expensive than other alternatives such as nursing homes but this is often not the case.  With professional private homecare you only pay for as much care that is needed.

For instance, your loved may only require help with taking their medication and with cooking meals so there would be no need for someone to be there all of the time. In such cases private homecare would be far cheaper than paying for a bed at a nursing home or other facility.

In addition, you may have to transport your loved one long distances to receive treatment at clinics or professional suites. This can take away the time that you devote to things such as your work thereby adding to your overall costs which would not occur when the care is provided at home.
And many people may not be aware that they are eligible for significant government subsidies which means private homecare and nursing may be a lot more affordable than you previously thought.

Want to know more?

More and more people are finding that private nursing and care from home is the right option for their loved one.  They can pick and choose the appropriate level of care that suits them and their loved one can remain in the familiar and comfortable surroundings of their own home.
If you’d like to know more about how you can benefit from private homecare or nursing or would like to discuss your particular circumstances, email or call 1300 33 11 03.

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