Private nursing care in your own home
private nursing care in your own home in home nurse

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Private nursing care in your own home following surgery or extended hospitalisation, can be the difference between a successful recovery at home and a poor outcome. Consequently, if recovery is unsuccessful, re-hospitalisation, further pain and discomfort, expense plus an extended recovery become a real possibility.

For family and friends who take on the role of care givers, dealing with a disability, illness or an end of life scenario can be physically, mentally and emotionally draining.

In addition, while you may have the best intentions, you may not have the training, expertise or capability. Often, early warning signs of a deteriorating health condition are difficult to read without experience.

This is where private nursing care in your own home utilising the skills and expertise of an in home nurse can be of assistance.

How does private in home nurse support recovery? 

Initially, on return home following hospitalisation, an in-home nurse will have consulted with your doctor ensuring a rehabilitation plan is in place to facilitate optimal recovery. They have the critical skills and knowledge to make sure everything is done correctly, and the best possible care is delivered.

For instance, a post operative wound can quickly become infected if it’s not kept clean and dry. An in-home nurse has the expertise and skill to ensure the wound is properly treated and dressed. For delicate cases where a colostomy bag or catheter is in situ, an in-home nurse is trained to fit and dispose of these correctly all while exercising the highest levels of respect and discretion. For end of life situations where medication is required, a trained in-home nurse can administer the pain relief required for comfortability, enabling family members to get the best quality of their remaining time together. 

Nurses and carers work together as a team

It is common for in home nurses to work in conjunction with in home caregivers to provide the best in both professional and practical care. Working together, your in home nurse and carer will create a care plan, covering medication, dietary and rehabilitation programs. In any event, the support team are best positioned to recognise a problem. If something does not go according to plan, in home support can rectify the situation prior to it escalating. 

As a matter of fact, in home carers can assist recovery from surgery or the elderly by delivering personal care such as:

  • help with bathing, toileting and general grooming
  • help dressing and getting in and out of bed
  • light housekeeping and laundry
  • cooking and assistance with eating and drinking
  • assistance with taking medication
  • transport to and from appointments

Who can benefit from having nursing care in the home?

The following people may benefit from having the services of an in home nurse:

  • Someone with pneumonia
  • Someone with heart disease
  • Diabetics
  • Someone with Motor Neurone Disease
  • Someone with Multiple Sclerosis
  • People with Dementia
  • The elderly
  • Someone who has had treatment for cancer
  • Someone who has had a stroke

Colbrow Care provides quality nurses and carers for ageing Australians

Colbrow Care is a leading provider of premium in home nursing and home care services across Melbourne and its surrounds. Moreover, with 60+ years industry experience, we employ the best professional healthcare staff ensuring the highest standard of care.

Our dedicated healthcare staff work in conjunction with your GP and other healthcare professionals to develop a care plan that will result in fewer hospitalisations and lessen the chances of having to go into a nursing home.

We are a registered provider of Home Care Packages and can advise you on what government benefits and subsides may be available to you. In conclusion, getting care services in the comfort of your own home, may be more affordable than you think!

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private nursing care in your own home in home nurse