Private in home care – what services are available?
private in home care

Private In home care can provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your loved one has the appropriate care they need so you can attend to the many other important things in your life.

However when you first start looking for help, it is difficult to know what’s available and how to go about accessing the services that are right for you.
As a first step, it is useful to know what services are available so you can be informed when it’s time to make enquiries.

What are private in home services?

Private in home services can be broadly divided into two categories which are:

  1. Personal Care Services and
  2. Allied Health Professional Services

Private in home personal care services

These are services that assist your loved-one in performing day-to-day tasks and in maintaining hygiene and may include:

Companionship and care – emotional and social support to help you live an enriching life and may include a chat over a cup of coffee, going for a walk together, company over a meal or assistance in pursuing interests or hobbies

Light Housework – laundry, ironing, making beds and changing sheets, dusting, vacuuming, doing dishes, cleaning benches and ovens, cleaning fridges, sanitising toilets and bathrooms, taking out and bringing in rubbish bins, collecting mail and light gardening

Meal Preparation – menu planning, grocery shopping and storage of groceries, food preparation, assistance with eating and drinking, and disposal of all food past its use by date

Mobility Assistance – assistance with walking and the use of aids such as wheelchairs, walking sticks, quadrupled walkers, crutches, bed rails and slide sheets

Personal care – assistance with getting in and out of bed, bathing and showering, washing and drying hair, help getting dressed and undressed, assistance with general grooming, help with going to the toilet and assistance with using continence aids including disposable pads

Transportation – to medical appointments, to run errands, to go shopping, to attend community events, concerts, cultural events, weddings, sporting events and to visit friends and family

Private in home care from allied health professionals

This can be described as skilled care provided by healthcare professionals and may include but is not limited to the following services:

Acupuncture – used for a wide range of health conditions by inserting fine sterile needles into specific points in the body in order to clear blockages and maintain good health

Audiology – manages, preserves and improves hearing and balance. Helps patients process and recognise sounds and improves peoples’ ability to communicate in all circumstances

Diet and nutrition – helps patients achieve dietary and nutritional goals using evidence based treatments. This may be of assistance to people with diabetes, heart disease, cancer, gastrointestinal disorders or are in rehabilitation from an injury or operation

Physiotherapy – assists in achieving and maintaining optimal movement and function and helps patients overcome movement disorders as a result of ageing or life-changing events. Physiotherapists conduct mobility assessments, assess the risk of falls and plan prevention strategies, design strengthening programs, prescribe walking aids and design rehabilitation programs following operations such as for stroke and heart disease. They can also assist in pain management for conditions such as arthritis with massage and by designing tailored exercise programs

Podiatry – diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of disorders of the lower limbs and feet. Areas treated include skin, nails, musculoskeletal disorders, diabetes assessment and management, provision of orthoses, minor nail surgery and general advice on foot care

Professional in home nursing services – support with administering and taking medication (including IV’s and injections), use of catheters and drainage appliances, monitoring vital signs, wound care, post-operative care, transition to home care after stays in hospital, palliative care and pain management

Speech Therapy – assessment and management of communication and swallowing disorders often after stroke or surgery

Want to know more?

More and more people are finding that private nursing and care from home is the right option for their loved one.  They can pick and choose the appropriate level of care that suits them and their loved one can remain in the familiar and comfortable surroundings of their own home.
If you’d like to know more about how you can benefit from private in home care or nursing or would like to discuss your particular circumstances;

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private in home care