Post surgery care at home
post-surgery care at home

Plan ahead for a successful recovery 

Post-surgery care at home can positively impact the success of your surgery and how well you rehabilitate. Being well prepared prior to entering hospital so that when you are discharged home, you can continue with your rehabilitation. However, that means more than just stacking your freezer with ready-made meals and checking that your Netflix subscription is up to date.

Some things you should consider in the lead up to surgery:

  1. Have a frank discussion with your doctor about what you will and won’t be able to do when you get back home after your surgery. Ask how long the anticipated recovery will be and whether you will need specialist care and what that will involve.
  2. Consider the things that make you happy in your life at home and how this will be affected post-surgery. Having peace of mind will help you feel rested and able to concentrate on getting better so it is important you consider the things that matter.
    1. Is it important to you to always have a neat and tidy home?
    2. Is your garden something you treasure and who will maintain it for you?
    3. Will you be well enough to care for your pets and is there anybody else that can do this?

While your friends, family and caregivers may have the best of intentions, you should consider if they have the time and necessary skills to give you the care you need.

To relieve these pressures, it is worth investigating getting professional care at home.

Post surgery care at home from health professionals

This covers care from Registered Nurses and can include:

  • Administering intravenous medication
  • Changing bandages and dressing and undressing wounds
  • Insertion and removal of catheters
  • Monitoring vital signs
  • Monitoring for infections especially on surgical incisions to make sure the edges aren’t separating and there are no signs of oozing
  • Follow up on any post-operative instructions
  • Taking blood and urine samples
  • Pain management

In addition, home care can include coordinated rehabilitation programs provided by Allied Health professionals such as:

Home help after surgery

This type of care provides assistance with managing day-to-day activities, allowing you to rest and recover until you regain your strength and independence. This includes:

  • Toileting
  • Bathing and showering
  • Getting dressed and undressed
  • General grooming
  • Mobility including getting in and out of bed and up and down stairs
  • Housekeeping
  • Meal preparation and assistance with eating and drinking
  • Light gardening
  • Medication reminders
  • Transport to and from appointments

Making arrangements for home help after surgery

Keep in mind that complications can mean that your recovery period can be longer than expected.

For some people, the outcome of their surgery may mean they need to have temporary care arranged while they transition to more permanent arrangements.

If friends or family are not available, one of the best, easiest and most cost-effective ways to get the expert care you need after your operation, is to contact a Home Care Service Provider before you go into hospital and have them make the necessary arrangements for your recovery.

Post surgery care at home in Melbourne

Colbrow Care is a leading provider of quality after-surgery home care services.  Our highly-skilled registered nurses will provide you with the expert clinical care you need in the comfort of your own home so you can make a quick return to full health. We will also co-ordinate all related health professionals required to assist in your rehabilitation and make sure you have all the help to need to cope with the demands of everyday life.

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post-surgery care at home