Your mental health is important and we want to make sure you get the support and treatment you need. Work-related mental health conditions have become a major concern in Australian workplaces due to the negative impact on individual employees and their families and the workplace. According to the WorkSafe Victoria Mental Health Strategy 2021-2024, “every year, on average 1 in 5 people (20%) will experience a mental health issue. Mental health problems are the third biggest health problem in Australia, after heart disease and cancer”. Mental health injuries occurring as a result of work may include bullying, discrimination, and work-related stress.

At Colbrow we understand that providing mental health injury support is much more than simply providing care services. Although mental health conditions are being talked about more than ever, suffering a work-related mental health injury, can still carry with it feelings of shame and inadequacy. The impact on your work and family life is the same as if the injury was a physical one. You may be off work for an extended period of time and unable to return to work in your previous capacity. Your family may experience financial and emotional stress from having you off work and unable to meet your obligations.

Once you have reported your mental health injury to your GP they can work with you to develop an action plan and recommend appropriate services and resources that can help your situation.

Your GP may recommend you seeing a psychologist. Our allied health services team can support you in learning effective strategies to deal with work-related stress, and we can also put in place a plan for your return to work.

Mental health injury
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