Home Care Package – What Services are Available?

If you’re thinking of accessing services under a Home Care Package but are unsure of what’s available, the following is a guide to what you can get depending on the level of funding you have had approved.

Personal care services

These are services that assist in performing day-to-day tasks and maintaining hygiene and may include:

  • Assistance with getting in and out of bed and seats
  • Bathing and showering, washing and drying of hair
  • General grooming including help with applying make-up
  • Getting dressed and undressed
  • Help with taking and managing your medication
  • Help with going to the toilet including assistance using bedpans, urinals and commode chairs
  • Assistance in using continence aids such as disposable pads
  • Help with general communication including language interpretation

Nursing, Allied Health and other clinical services

This covers a number of services provided by registered nurses and a broad range of health professionals to maintain your optimal physical, sensory, psychological, cognitive, social and cultural functions and may include:

  • Palliative care
  • Monitoring after surgery
  • Care of wounds or sores
  • Pain management
  • Use of catheter and urinary drainage appliances and enemas
  • Hearing services including fitting of hearing aids
  • Vision services
  • Physiotherapy including application of hot and cold packs, ultrasound and remedial massage
  • Podiatry including general nail and foot care, orthotics and treatment of corns, bunions, ingrown nails and fungal nails
  • Memory enhancement strategies including links to memory support groups within your community
  • Acupuncture
  • Aromatherapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Balance and mobility programs
  • Falls prevention therapy
  • Health education programs

Diet and Nutrition

Assistance in providing you or your loved one with adequate nutrition and hydration to attain the best health possible. This may include:

  • Preparing meals ensuring proper food handling procedures are followed
  • Cleaning and stocking of food storage areas including fridges, pantries and cupboards
  • Removal of all spoiled food or food past its use by date
  • Arranging for delivery of meals where appropriate
  • Assistance with feeding and drinking

Mobility and dexterity

Assessment for and advice on equipment to help you stay mobile inside and outside of your home which may include:

  • Installation of mobility aids such as ramps, rails, easy access taps, bathroom rails and shower hoses
  • Provision of and assistance with using wheelchairs, crutches, quadruped-walkers, walking –frames, walking-sticks, mechanical lifting-devices, bed rails and slide sheets

Home cleaning and general maintenance

Assistance with a variety of household tasks to keep your house safe and tidy which may include:

  • Laundry
  • Ironing
  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting and wiping benches
  • Cleaning and clearing fridges, pantries and cupboards
  • Cleaning and sanitising bathrooms and toilets
  • Taking out and bringing in rubbish bins
  • Garden maintenance including mowing lawns, weeding and watering
  • Care of indoor plants and pot plants
  • Collecting mail
  • Key lock box installation

Transport and personal assistance with day to day activities

Help with keeping you active and connected to family, friends and support groups within the community. This may include:

  • Transport to and from hospital, to medical appointments or to exercise and rehabilitation programs
  • Transport to personal appointments (g. hairdresser appointments accompanied by a care worker)
  • Assistance with paying bills, trips to the bank and running errands
  • Assistance with shopping including carrying and packing and unpacking of bags
  • Transport to attend community events, concerts, cultural events, theatre, weddings, sporting events and to visit friends and family
  • Assistance in managing public transport use

Companionship and care

These are services that provide emotional and social support to help you to live an enriching life and may include:

  • A chat over a cup of tea or coffee
  • Going for a walk together
  • Helping you pursue your interests and hobbies such as cards, sewing, baking, gardening, reading, music, following the horse races and doing the footy tips
  • Spending time with you doing anything that you enjoy

Digital Technology, Technological Aids and equipment

Assessment for, provision of and assistance with using technological devices that add to your safety, well-being and quality of life. These may include:

  • Telehealth services and videoconferencing for appropriate care
  • Access to the Internet
  • Provision of computers with contrasting background and large font to assist those with vision difficulties
  • Assistance with using your laptop/ iPad/tablet
  • Assistance in sending Emails, using software packages and social media platforms
  • Fall detectors
  • Movement and door sensors
  • Medication reminders
  • Emergency pendants
  • Smoke alarm installation and maintenance

You may find there are other services in addition to these that may be available to you and what you can get will be dependent on the level of Home Care Package you have had approved.

If you’d like to know more on what services may be available to you, Colbrow Care is a leading Home Care Service Provider and are specialists in delivering quality Home Care. Call us on  1300 33 11 03  or email ecare@colbrowcare.com.au