For more than 30 years, WorkSafe Victoria has collaborated with employers and workers alike to create safer workplaces. For every employer and worker who leaves home in the morning, WorkSafe wants them to return home to their loved ones in the evening, in the same state.

WorkSafe Victoria plays a crucial role in the lives of all Victorian employers and workers – as the state’s health and safety regulator and as the manager of Victoria’s worker’s compensation scheme. In both capacities, employers, workers, and their families are at the heart of its service.

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As a registered and approved provider of WorkSafe Victoria, we can provide you with the care you need following a work accident. Our service provision is client-centred and client-driven with your care always remaining at the heart of what we do.

We can provide high-quality care, treatment, and support for both physical and mental health injuries that have occurred in the workplace and will liaise with your workplace and treating health professional to coordinate and implement your safe return to work.

We Want to Help you Return to Work

Research has shown that the earlier you start planning your return to work, and actively work toward this goal, the more likely you are to get back to work.

SafeWork Australia states for a return to work of an injured worker to be successful, these four factors need to be present:

  1. Early, positive contact from the worker’s supervisor or manager, with talk of a return to work
  2. An effective workplace rehabilitation program
  3. Effective and supportive claims management practices
  4. Cooperation, consultation, and coordination between stakeholders

While a work-related injury or illness can have a massive impact on your life, we are committed to helping you achieve your return to work goals and get your life back to normal.

The following timeline and statistics from WorkSafe Victoria illustrate the importance of safely returning you to work, in some capacity, as soon as possible:

  • 13 weeks: 25% chance of being off work in 2 years if not back in 13 weeks. Patients usually receive 95% of pre-injury wage to 13 weeks and thereafter 80%
  • 6 months: 44% chance of still being off work at 2 years if not back by 6 months
  • 12 months: Employer no longer obligated to provide employment
  • 2.5 years: Income support for most cases stops

Physical Injury Support

Physical Injury Support

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Mental Health Injury Support

Mental Health Injury Support

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