Even for the young who are fit and energetic, grocery shopping can be a real chore. Understandably then, with advancing age, illness or mobility difficulties, getting the weekly shop done can be an enormous task.

We understand and are here to help. Perhaps you only need a little help with loading and unloading the groceries in and out of the car. Or you might need a carer to do everything for you. Whatever  assistance you require, Colbrow carers can help you complete this task as often as you need.

Getting out and about to the shops helps keep you physically active. The social interaction with familiar shop owners or friends you may meet helps keep you connected to your community, which in turn benefits your mental and physical wellbeing.

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Grocery assistance

Our reliable and compassionate carers can help you with:

  • Menu planning and list writing
  • Transport to and from the shops
  • Shopping assistance
  • Help carrying shopping bags
  • Help putting all your groceries away
  • Monitoring of expiry dates
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