Quality Home Care Services in Sydney

Like the Australian population generally, Sydney has an ageing population.  As we age, doing day to day activities that we take for granted can become more and more difficult.

While friends and family can provide support, they often have their own priorities and can’t be there all the time to give the care that you or a loved one needs.

You may have considered getting some extra help but it can be intimidating understanding what services are available and how to get them. Getting the help you or your loved one needs is possible and can be tailored to fit your individual needs and budget.

Flexible Home Care Services in Sydney

The Home Care Services that are available to you are not delivered in a one size fits all package.

For instance, you may be in a situation where you are not comfortable driving in Sydney’s heavy traffic so some help with transport to and from appointments may be all that you require. But on the other hand you may be recovering from major surgery and need 24 hour around-the-clock care.
Either way it is comforting to know that you can get as little or much help as you need so that the above scenarios and almost any other situation imaginable can be catered for.

So when considering your particular circumstances and what you might need, it is useful to know some of the In-Home Care Services that are available to you so you can start planning. Here are just some of the services you can access:

  • Professional Nursing which covers everything from palliative care, pain management, monitoring of vital signs, care of wounds and sores and the use of IV catheters and drainage aids
  • Allied Health Professional Services which covers a diverse range of services such as physiotherapy, audiology, acupuncture and podiatry
  • Personal care including assistance with getting in and out of bed, showering and going to the toilet
  • Mobility Assistance which includes help with mobility aids such as crutches, walking sticks, quadrupled walkers, wheelchairs and slide sheets
  • Home cleaning and general maintenance covers help with things such as laundry, ironing, dusting, wiping benches, making beds, cleaning fridges and some light gardening
  • Transport to and from appointments, social events, trips to visit family or friends, trips to the beach or sporting events such as the NRL
  • Diet and nutrition including meal planning and preparation allowing for any special nutritional or cultural needs, cleaning of food preparation and storage areas, cooking meals, assistance with eating and drinking and cleaning dishes.
  • Companionship and Care which could include things like going for a walk, a chat over a cup of tea, a game of cards and help with pursuing interests or hobbies

So as you can see there are many different services available and you can mix and match according to your needs.

But even if you have a good idea of what you want, you may not know how to go about accessing these services and where to go for help.

One of the best ways to go about accessing Home Care Services is to contact a Home Care Service Provider.

Colbrow Care Provides Quality Home Care Services in Sydney

With over 60 years of experience, Colbrow Care is a leading provider of quality home care services.

We service all suburbs within the Sydney metropolitan region so no matter where you are, we have locally-based professionals who understand your needs and are ready to give you the care you need to live independently at home.

Our approach reflects the multicultural nature of the Sydney community so we can provide care givers to meet your particular religious or cultural sensitivities and we have people that speak your language.

All of our staff are rigorously screened and tested to ensure we only employ the best and we provide regular ongoing training so our standards are always maintained at the highest level.

We have a Quality Management System that is ISO 9001:2008 Accredited and an Occupational Health and Safety System Accredited to the AS/NZS 4801:2001 Standard.

Sydney Focussed, Flexible and Affordable

We care about Sydney and its people and are committed to providing them with the highest possible standard in affordable home care.

We are a registered provider of Home Care Packages so whether you need hourly, overnight or around the clock care, we will work with you to make sure you get the specialist services you need.

We can help you plan your budget and can tell you whether you may be eligible for significant government subsidies so getting the help you need can happen sooner than you might think.

Contact us now to find out how we can help you maintain your lifestyle and independence by accessing the home care services you need to live happily in the comfort of your own home.

email: care@colbrowcare.com.au or call 1300 33 11 03
Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane