Being able to get yourself from A to B is a freedom many of us take for granted. Traveling independently allows you to attend appointments and stay socially connected to your community.

When independent travel becomes challenging we don’t want this to negatively impact your lifestyle.

You may be recovering from a surgical procedure, experiencing mobility issues, lack confidence due to dementia or simply prefer someone accompanying you to appointments and social events for added safety.  Our experienced and friendly drivers can transport you to all your local amenities and keep you connected to, and active in your community.

Transport assistance

Need help and don't know where to start?

Our friendly and supportive transport and travel assistance team can help you with:

  • Transport to and from medical appointments and the pharmacy
  • Transport to community services
  • Transport to the hairdressers
  • Transport to the post office and the bank
  • Transport to the supermarket and assistance with carrying your shopping
  • Transport to and from social events
  • Transport to a friend's place or a cafe to meet a friend
  • Transport to church
  • Getting you in and out of vehicles
  • Assistance with your mobility devices
  • Travel support/companionship on longer journeys

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