It is a well-known fact that caring for a family pet increases well-being. Pets give unconditional love – they are often the first to greet you in the morning with their tail wagging and happiest curled up at the end of the day at your feet.

Pets are good for our health. Numerous studies have shown pets help to reduce blood pressure and stress, as well as calm anxiety. Many organisations now have therapy animals that visit the elderly or work with children with developmental disorders. The benefits of simply patting an animal are considerable.

The daily exercise a pet requires will not only increase your physical activity but also put you in a situation where you regularly see others out and about walking.

Colbrow is a strong advocate for you being able to keep your family pet for as long as you are able to remain in your own home. With ageing often comes loneliness and feelings of isolation. The loving companionship of your pet can help maintain your general well-being and reduce those feelings.

If you are finding caring for your pet challenging, we can help. We have amazing carers that love animals and will come to you at home and give you the help you need.

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Our animal loving carers can help you with:

  • Feeding and purchasing of food
  • Bathing your pet
  • Taking your pet to the groomers
  • Walking your pet
  • Ensuring vaccinations and health treatments are up to date
  • Taking your pet to the vet if unwell
  • Organising an alternate carer if you have to go into hospital or away for a short period
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