Colbrow Care offers members of the public, clients and their families access to an exclusive counselling service to help in times of grief, loss and significant changes in life.

The approach taken by our counsellor focusses on alleviating, with a view to eliminating, anxiety and the symptoms associated with it.

Our counsellor offers a unique approach to assisting patients with dementia which has seen a reduction in anxiety and fear, both common problems for dementia sufferers. This approach has significantly eased the burden on carers as their loved ones have shown a marked behavioural improvement.

Counselling services can be purchased as part of the suite of home care packages or separately by contacting Rose Hoey at Melbourne Centre for Emotions and Health – Counselling and Psychotherapy.

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What our counsellor can offer:

Our counsellor Rose uses Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy or ISTDP, which is an attachment-based and emotion-focused psychodynamic psychotherapy. This form of therapy has a strong evidence base and is effective in managing anxiety, depression, personality disorders, chronic pain, somatisation, and behavioural disorders.

  • Therapy for children 0 -12 years
  • Therapy for adolescence 13 -18 years
  • Therapy for adults 18 years+
  • Family therapy
  • Therapy for chronic pain
  • Therapy when starting a family
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