Charter of Aged Care Rights
Charter of Aged Care rights elder abuse

Charter of Aged Care Rights was established by the Australian Government in 2019 as a requirement of the Aged Care Act, 1997. The Charter of Aged Care describes the legislated rights of a consumer when accessing Government-subsidised aged care services. Regardless of the type of aged care services received, the legislated rights are applicable to all consumers.

The Charter of Aged Care rights

The Charter of Aged Care rights sets out 14 rights that formerly protect any Australian accessing and receiving aged care services. In respect to Home Care Packages supplied by Colbrow Care, your rights and how we will support them, will be included in your Homecare Agreement. The 14 rights established in the charter state your rights to:

  • safe and high-quality care and services
  • be treated with dignity and respect at all times
  • have your unique identity, culture and diversity valued and supported
  • live without abuse and neglect
  • be informed about your care and services in a comprehensible and easy to understand format
  • have access to all information about myself held by service providers, organisations etc
  • have control and choice about my care services and things that affect me personally
  • have control and make decisions about the personal aspects of my life, finances and possessions
  • have independence
  • be listened to, heard and understood
  • have an advocate to support and/or speak on my behalf
  • issue complaints and have them dealt with fairly, in a timely manner and without fear of reprisal
  • maintain my personal privacy and have my personal information protected
  • exercise my rights without it adversely affecting how I am treated.

The United Nations five major rights

  • Independence
  • Participation
  • Care
  • Self-fulfilment
  • Dignity

The Charter is extremely important and should be woven into government policy and national programmes to protect all ageing Australians. As greater numbers of people are living to an advanced age, whole populations are having an increasing proportion of elderly people, resulting in more strain being felt by the corresponding support networks. The pandemic has further impacted the mismatch of services required and available staff and services. The strain on senior support services places older people at risk of ‘elder abuse’.

What is elder abuse

Elder abuse is defined as “an intentional act or failure to act that causes or creates a risk of harm to an older adult”

Aged Care Decisions

Elder abuse is a serious problem world wide and like most forms of abuse it occurs out of a power imbalance and feelings of helplessness. Elderly abuse can present in these recognised forms:

  • Psychological abuse: verbal or non-verbal behaviours including threats, acts of humiliation, disrespect, harassment, deliberate isolation, fear and distress
  • Physical abuse: deliberate physical harm including inflicting pain, injury, impairment, causing illness and distress, intentional poisoning and events leading to death
  • Social abuse: any behaviour that isolates an older person from their family, friends and community
  • Financial abuse: illegal, unauthorised or improper use of the care recipient’s financial property
  • Sexual abuse: any unwanted sexual interaction both physical or verbal
  • Neglect: the failure to meet one’s’ basic needs for food, water, shelter, clothing, hygiene and essential medical care

As a provider of aged care services, Colbrow Care is required by the Charter to help all recipients to understand their rights regarding the services we provide as well as their broader rights under the Charter. We are bound by the duty of care responsibilities to all elderly Australians under our care. Our duty of care is a legal responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of those in our care and to do everything we can to facilitate them living their best and healthiest life.

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Charter of Aged Care rights elder abuse