10 Reasons to Choose In home Aged Care

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, due to the significant increases in life expectancy, there will be 9.6 million people aged 65 and over and 1.9 million people aged 85 and over by 2064.  These statistics tell us that that Australia has an ageing population and we must think about how they will be cared for as they age.  Nursing homes will not be an option for many as the number of places available will not keep pace with the numbers of people who need aged care.  And let’s face it, nursing homes are not generally people’s first choice when they think about where they would like to live.
But what are your options right now?  Ageing at home is a real option for most people and an option that should be explored for many reasons.

Staying at home to age means that you stay connected with your local community

People want to stay living in the familiar surroundings of their home and within their local community.  They may be a member of a local club or social meeting group or enjoy walking their dog in the local park with their neighbours.  In-home aged care allows these connections to be maintained as well as encouraging independence into older age.

In-home aged care can be for any amount of time

The amount of help needed by an older person wishing to stay at home varies but generally, it starts with only the need for short visits daily or every second day. It might be that they need some help with meal preparation or having a shower and otherwise, they are fine to go about their daily lives.  A lot can be achieved in a 30 minute visit.

Flexibility in services

As people get older, they may find that they need more care and Colbrow Care can provide the full range of nursing care and services needed for them.   The full range of nursing care is available, including continence care, wound care and diabetes care; in addition to personal care services and respite for carers.

Screening and vetting of those that care for you or your loved one

Receiving premium in home aged care from Colbrow Care means that the older person has full control over who looks after them.  Unlike in a nursing home where it is the nursing home that chooses the staff, with Colbrow Care, it is the older person.  All reasonable requests are accommodated and if the older person is not happy with the nurse or carer who is providing the in home aged care, they simply request a new nurse or carer. 

There is no need to sell the family home

If a person chooses to enter a nursing home, it may be necessary to sell the family home to cover the cost of the accommodation bond.  In home aged care is very flexible and (means tested) government funding is available to assist with the cost of providing the care.  The different levels of care or packages available mean that as people need a bit more help, it will be available to them.

Staying at home allows pets to stay with their owners

Having a pet reduces stress, loneliness and gives the older person a sense of purpose.  Staying at home keeps pets and owners united and is good for an older person’s on-going mental health.  A pet may also be the reason that an older person remains active and physical activity is very important and should be encouraged.

One-on-one time with nurses and carers

When you choose Colbrow Care for in home aged care, you choose one-on-one time.  The older person is the focus of the nurse or carer, no other distractions or patients to take care of, just the individual.  The nurse or carer is completely there for the older person to ensure their individual needs are met.  This individual care means that changes in health or behaviour are quickly identified and further services can be implemented quickly. 

Control and independence

Staying at home leaves the older person with control over their own lives and encourages independence to the retained for as long as possible.  It means that they can choose which TV station to watch and what they will have for dinner, even if they need help to have it prepared, ultimately it will be what the older person chooses to eat.

In home aged care keeps loved ones together

It may be that one half of a married couple needs a little bit of extra help and the other half can’t provide that help anymore as they too have aged.  If Colbrow Care is engaged to provide that help, the couple can stay living in their own home together, rather than one being forced into nursing home.

It can change as your needs change

Home care services can be increased or decreased, depending on the changing requirements of the older person.  Some weeks, they might need just a shower and some meal preparation, other weeks, companionship and escorting to the doctor might be needed.  Colbrow Care can provide as much or as little care as the older person needs.
Staying at home to age is possible and Colbrow Care, Melbourne’s premium in home nursing and care service provider, can make it a reality.