5 Steps to the NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is being introduced around Australia and if you are wondering how to get access, then you may find the following explanation and accompanying video helpful.

The 5 step pathway on your NDIS journey

Once you have been accepted as an eligible participant in the NDIS, there is a pathway to follow with steps along the way that will give you an overview of what to expect on your journey.

  1. What is the NDIS?

To understand how the NDIS can help you, it is important to first understand exactly what it is.
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a new way to help people under 65 years of age with a disability get care and support.
It takes a lifelong approach that builds skills and capabilities to enable participants to gain employment and engage in community activities.
It also provides the families and carers of people with a disability with information on how support is provided.

  1. Can I access the NDIS

To be eligible to participate in the NDIS you must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Live in an area where the NDIS is available
  • Be under 65 years of age
  • Be an Australian citizen or have paperwork that allows you to live permanently in Australia
  • Have a permanent (lifelong) disability
  • Have an impairment or developmental delay where early intervention will lessen its impact
  1. Your First Plan

Once you are deemed eligible, the NDIS will work with you to develop your first plan.

This is your entry point and the start of a lifelong relationship with the NDIS and it will identify what immediate support you need and establish your long-term goals.

Your plan may include: funded support from the NDIS, informal support from friends and family, support from groups within the community or mainstream support from doctors or teachers.

This plan will contain a support budget and will generally be in place for 12 months.

  1. Start your plan

Once your plan is approved, the NDIS will work with you to put it into action.

Depending on your situation there could be a range of people to provide support which may be a Local Area Coordinator, a Support Coordinator, an early childhood partner or another party who can help you connect with the community.

If you are self-managed, you may even want to start the plan by yourself and you can choose which service providers you wish to use to support you.

  1. Review your Plan

Every 12 months your plan will be reviewed to monitor progress and ensure you are getting the support you require.

However, if your circumstances have changed or you are unhappy about a decision regarding your support budget, you can request a review in the interim.

Preparation for NDIS

In preparing your application, you might like to get some assistance from someone you trust such as a friend, a family member, a carer, an organisation such as Colbrow Care, a NDIS Local Area Coordinator or your doctor.

The NDIS may also ask your doctor or healthcare professional to provide evidence that explains the extent of the affect that your disability has on your everyday life. They will need to do this by completing the NDIS Supporting Evidence Form or parts of the Access Request Form.
If you are accepted into the NDIS, it is expected to take between six to twelve months for you to gain entry once it is rolled out in your area, however, you can apply to enter the NDIS up to six months in advance of when it is available in your locality.

Once you’re granted access to the NDIS, you’ll be contacted to discuss your individual plan.

For those of you already in a state or territory government disability program, you will continue to receive your current support and services and someone will be in touch when it’s time for you to move over to the NDIS.

For more information, visit www.ndis.gov.au or call 1800 800 110 or contact Colbrow Care on 1300 33 11 03.