Why Choose Colbrow Care ?

You’ve made the best decision, you’ve decided that you or your loved one should receive aged care at home, rather than in an institution such as a nursing home, now you need to decide on the in home care provider that is right for your family. We understand that choosing an appropriate in home nursing and care provider can be daunting, there seems to be so many options and providers of homecare in Melbourne. So what do you look out for when choosing in home care and nursing services?

Colbrow – A Name You Can Trust

Colbrow Care has been providing nursing and home care services to Melbourne families since 1957. Our success and longevity is attributed to our commitment to excellence in client care. Being a third generation family business, we genuinely care about you and your family. We live and breathe our values of Integrity, Teamwork, Flexibility and Reliability. Once you become a client of Colbrow, we will ensure your care needs are met.

Your Home, Your Life, Your Choice

As of July 1, 2015 all current and new Federal Government Funded Home Care Packages must be delivered using the philosophy of Consumer Directed Care (CDC). Consumer Directed Care allows people accessing federal government funding for home care services to choose the home care service provider that best suits their needs. That means that if your current provider is not meeting your needs, you can request that your care be managed and delivered by Colbrow or any other home care service provider.

Quality Staff

All Colbrow Care staff are highly trained, skilled and experienced. All of our nursing staff have significant clinical experience in the hospital and the home and can provide any sort of nursing care you or your family needs, this includes: Palliative Care, Wound Care, Continence Care, Diabetes Care and most importantly, Tender, Loving Care. Our personal care workers must have a minimum of 12 months experience before they can be considered for employment with Colbrow and because we pay premium wages, we attract and retain only the best personal care workers for our client.

Colbrow staff must undergo a rigorous recruitment and selection procedure before they commence employment with us, this includes reference checking, back ground checking (Police Clearance Certificates & Working with Children Checks) and previous employment verification. In addition, we have mandatory annual training that all staff must complete, this includes Basic Life Support, First Aid and Manual Handling, to name a few.

Flexible Aged Care at Home

One of our values is flexibility and we know that our client’s needs can change over time, this means that we need to be responsive to these changes. And we are. Our highly skilled and trained staff can recognise changes in client behaviour and health deterioration and will immediately notify the dedicated Case Manager, the Colbrow office and the next of kin to ensure the client’s care needs are modified as soon as possible if required. We can provide care for as little as 1 hour per day up to 24/7 or live in home care and anything in-between. Because our highly skilled and mobile workforce is flexible, our response to you or your loved one is as well.

Dedicated and Experienced Case Managers

When you or your loved one become a client of Colbrow Care, you or your loved one will have a dedicated Case Manager who will be your first point of contact with Colbrow. All our Case Managers are experienced Registered Nurses who have a passion for community care. After the initial assessment is conducted and a care plan is developed, your Case Manager will be responsible for implementing the care plan and developing a roster that works for you.   As a matter of best practice, your Case Manager will conduct a review of the care plan every six months however, if changes in behaviour or health are reported a reassessment will be conducted immediately.

ISO 9001:2008 Accredited and Audited Quality Assurance and AS/NZS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety Systems Certifications

Colbrow has held ISO 9001:2008 Accreditation of our Quality Management System (QMS) since 2011. This means that all of our internal processes and procedures are systematised and cannot be changed without management approval, this control gives our clients peace of mind that they are being cared for in accordance with well practised and proven care protocols. We ensure our staff and clients are protected from potential hazards via our rigorous Occupational Health and Safety Management System, accredited to the AS/NZS 4801 standard. We are audited annually on both Certifications to ensure we are accountable.

We are here to look after you or your loved one, as our motto goes, ‘For You’, we will not disappoint.