In-home Palliative Care is possible
in home palliative care

In home palliative care is an option for those suffering a life-limiting illness. No-one likes talking about dying but, along with taxes, it is one of the only two certainties in life. It is so important to start the conversation.

Surveys consistently show that between 60 and 70% of Australians would like to die at home, with nursing homes and hospitals being their least preferred place to die. The reality is that over the last 100 years home deaths have decreased and hospital and nursing home deaths have increased, with a mere 14% of Australians actually having their wish for in home palliative care prior to dying at home, fulfilled. This is a huge discrepancy and one that should be addressed.

Rather than being treated as the final chapter of life, death has become increasingly medicalised, with the numbers of people dying at home surrounded by their family and friends declining as a result.

Dying is a part of living and something that should be discussed with loved ones so they know what it means for you to have a ‘good death’.  What is a ‘good death’? According to the Grattan Institute’s study, ‘Dying Well’, a very important aspect of a good death is control; control over what happens, control over pain relief, control and choice about where death occurs and control over who is present at the end.

If control is central to dying well, Colbrow Care gives you or your loved one a level of control that is simply not possible in the hospital of nursing home setting.   Our personalised nursing services in Melbourne allows us to respond to the needs of our clients as those needs change.  We give our clients control over what happens to them, who looks after them, how much pain relief they need and any other environmental controls they need or want.  We have been providing in-home palliative care in Melbourne since we opened our doors in 1957 and by giving our clients or their loved ones control, we take away the fear associated with having someone you love die at home.

Steps to receiving in home palliative care in Melbourne:

  1. Call our office on 1300 33 11 03
  2. We will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your needs or the needs of your loved one
  3. We will assign a Registered Nurse who will be responsible for ensuring all your needs are met
  4. Our Registered Nurse will roster appropriate qualified staff, depending on your needs and also order any specialist equipment required
  5. Our Registered Nurse will liaise with your GP and any other service provider involved with your care to ensure the appropriate level of care is provided
  6. We will be with you and your family every step of the way

We have appropriately skilled and qualified Palliative Care Nurses, Personal Care Workers, Domestic Assistants and Allied Health Professionals who are available right now to assist you or your loved ones. Call Colbrow Care today on 1300 33 11 03.

in home palliative care