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Refer a Friend and Earn $250 - your friend gets $250 too!

If you refer a friend and they qualify for our joining bonus* you will receive $250!

*A field employee qualifies for the joining bonus ($250) once they complete a minimum of 80 hours of work in their first six weeks of employment.

*Friends do not get $250 for joining the office team, but you will, as soon as your friend completes their probation period successfully.

  • Please enter your BSB and account number so that we can deposit your $250 once your friend qualifies for their joining bonus.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

How Does it Work?

Register the name of the friend you are referring to join team Colbrow Care.

Fill out the form with your details or if you’d prefer, call our friendly team at head office on 1300 33 11 03.

As soon as your friend qualifies for our joining bonus, we will deposit $250 into your nominated bank account.

It's that easy!